Using Flax as an egg subtitute

Using Flax as an egg subtitute

I have noticed that my son Gabe has had an aversion to egg for sometime, but as he gets older it has gotten worse.  He had a very slight levels of egg IGG. While it isn’t high enough for a reaction, does make me wonder about his aversion and weather or not I should have it in my baked goods.

I came across this today I had heard of using flax seed as a substitute, but I wasn’t actually sure. So of course I had to try it out, and boy was I impressed.  I am sure it is well known in the vegan and egg allergy world. But it was a great surprise you me. You can use flax seed, pretty much anywhere you would use eggs. Granted I haven’t made a flax see omelet or quiche or flan yet. I think I just might try for the hell of it.

It suggest that you buy flax seed and grind them yourself.  I have noticed that flax meal works just as great.

Flax Meal Egg Substitute:

The 1:3 ration is equivalent to one egg per recipe

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