Loose the “S” word during Summer, have fun..do as homeschoolers do

Loose the “S” word during Summer, have fun..do as homeschoolers do

I have been coming across blogs here and there about the stress of having their children home for the summer months. And I can’t help but wonder why. Summer is such a wonderful time of the year. There is so much to do. Homeschooling changes your view on things.

1. It makes you thankful that you get a lot of quality time with your kids

2.  It teaches you patience… or I should say, your children teach you patience.

3. It makes realize exactly how weird your kids really are, and it’s ok to laugh at them.

4. It makes you want to send them back to their parents…… oh wait a minute… They belong to me.

5. Not to take parenting sooooo damned serious.

6. An excuse to hit the museums, beach, park on a whim… and we ALWAYS have the places to ourselves

7. Never have to explain to hubby why we NEED craft & art supplies, or better yet, why the boys need twigs, leaves, or dirt inside…

8. Extreme laughter, really does make your house sound like an insane asylum. It’s contagious, and it’s better when shared.

9. Have fun this summer. Go camping, even if it’s in your back yard.  Hit the beach, or the water hose, if not the kitchen sink. Or just for a walk..

10 Be Creative. Be Messy.

11. Forget the house work for a day or two. Really… you have the rest of your life to clean up after your kids shit… one day wont kill you or them.

Do as homeschoolers do, for the summer. Stop the bitching and Explore! Seriously, give it a try.. What could it hurt? One of thing I have learned, if anything, homeschooling kids with Autism, is the LESS you stress, the less they stress, the less they stress…. the less “bad” behavior you will see. Stop the madness mommas. Throughout that ugly ugly “S” word.. let down your hair and have fun with your kids.

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